Terms and Conditions

Panama Top Real Estate is a company specialized in promoting the real estate market in Panama, all our charges are for advertising packages and property management services,
we have no right to charge commissions for rentals orsales. Panama Top Real Estate works openly with brokers licensed by Junta Técnica de Bienes Raíces, who wish to offer the
properties we advertise to their prospects, we pay them the commission that the owner allow us to do in each case, either for selling or renting the properties we manage,
otherwise the broker charges directly the owner. All information about properties seen in this site is provided by the owners and we are not responsible for false information given by them. Our name symbolizes the intention of promoting the best affordable and luxurious properties that are in the real estate market of Panama.

Our company is based on Decreto de Ley N° 6 del 8 de julio de 1999, Artículo 1, where it expresses that expresses that we can exercise our activity with no special license.

“Quedan excluídos de la definición de Corredores de Bienes Raíces aquellos propietarios o personas que ejerzan otras actividades relacionadas con bienes inmuebles, tales como
promoción, administración, cobro de arrendamientos y similares”.