V16 – House for Sale

$850,000 USD


The Albrook house is a concrete and red-tile roof historic house built in a neo-Spanish tropical style in the 1920’s by the United States Air Force. The US Air Force used the building as a duplex apartment for two senior non-commissioned officers’ family quarters. In 1997, the US Government transferred the Albrook properties to the Government of Panama, which subsequently placed the residences for sale through the Interoceanic Regional Authority (ARI) responsible for managing the Canal resources transferred to Panama.

The purchasers of this house completely remodeled it in 1999-2000, carefully maintaining its historic architecture. The two original duplex apartments were combined into a large single residence of three stories. Note that the residence is composed of four sections separated by poured concrete floors and concrete/steel pillars. Duplex apartments of these four-section types are very rare in the former Canal Zone architecture. Three-section duplex apartments, 25% smaller, were far more common.

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